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Friday, June 26, 2009

More about Me=)

Q : When do you feel like drinking?


Q : Do you believe love at first sight?
Yes,coz I know how it feels...haha

Q : Place of honeymoon?

Of course I'll choose CAMERON HIGHLANDS..
Coz I really love the view..

Q : You meet aliens, what would you do?
I'll say Hello!! Welcome to Earth..

Q : Who’s the most trustworthy friend?
Just my sister...

Q : When do you get angry?
People touch my things without my permission..

Q : Define "Love"

Share bitter and sweet memories..
Sharing heart..
Getting crazy when we lost him/her..
Never say 'NO' when we need help from him/her..

Q : Your bf/gf cheats on you, what would you do?

I'll punished him for his entire life... Padan muka...

Q : You are the US President, what would you do?

Help other people and Buy lots of clothes..??

Q : You are alone in Island, what would you do?

Crying.. wish someone could come and help...

Q : When do you get lonely?
No friends to talk too..

Q : When do you get embarrassed?

When I did something wrong... In front of people...

Q : When do you get excited?

Having a great holiday..

Q : What are you so into?
Internet stuff...

Q : What are you thinking of?
My family, study and someone in the future lah..

Q : What are you watching?
Laptops and handphone..

Q : What are you listening to?
Music kot... Hehe

Q : What are you waiting for?
Finishing my last semester...

Q : What are you dreaming of?
A great crash and money...

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